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Every business has a purpose from the beginning. Owners have a product or service they feel is needed by society and attempt to target the right people to create profits and revenues that continue to grow in the business industry no matter what the market looks like.  Today's business atmosphere reflects how much a growing economy can change, which makes businesses take a look inward and figure out their true purpose.

Dr. Wanda Merical, a Business Strategist Consultant and Life-Style Coach, has worked vigourously for over 34 years to provide structure and guidelines for other businesses to increase their success rate.  She's worked closely with federal, state and local governments to assure all organizations are functioning and well-organized with their mission and goals in mind.

She served in the United States Air Force for 24 years obtaining the title of Quality Consulting Manager and Associate Director.  While in the position, Dr. Merical managed millions of dollars worth of payroll and business accounts and implemented numerous visions and objectives.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and received her B.S.W. degree in Social Work.  From there, she received her Holistic Health Doctoral degree from Clayton College of Natural Health in 2007 and went on to become a certified Small Business Coach, Personal Life-Style Coach, and Holistic Health Coach from the Spencer Institute.  She's currently working on her Wellness Life Coaching Certification.




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Business Strategy:

Working with an organization's mission, vision and objectives, developing policies and plans, often in terms of projects and programs.

Strategic Management

Setting goals and tactics that provides overall direction to the organization. This includes not only the management team but also board of directors and stakeholders of the organization.

Strategic Planning

An ongoing process that evaluates and controls businesses and industries that involve the company -- assesses its competitors, sets goals and strategies to meet all existing and potential competitors; then reassesses quarterly or annually.


Self analysis, self-evaluation and competitor analysis all create realistic assessments - allowing for the crafting of vision statements, mission statements, and overall company objectives.

Holistic Approach

A completely different spin on reviewing your Business! Like no other Business Coach to Businesses, Dr. Wanda is the 1st to Market the Holistic view point Businesses for improvement.

Start Today...

Like all plans for the future: resolutions, diets, changes in habits, self-improvements in our lives and in business -- we always want to start tomorrow. Start Today!

Dr. Wanda

Always striving for something bigger/better and more perfect? Meet someone who has traveled down the road before you and can lead the way.

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