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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I stay focused?
  2. I need so much - where do I start?
  3. Do you have one solution for everyone?
  4. Do I need a Vision and Mission Statements?
  5. Why do I need a Coach?
  6. How long do I need a Coach?

How do I stay focused?

  • The problem with a lot of busy people, business owners and individual's alike, try to focus on too many details at one time.  First look at the overall picture to see what you need to do - then break down each individual task or delegate.  Better yet -- you might clear up that clutter!!
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I need so much - where do I start?

  • It's easy to say "At the beginning" but you've already started. Now you find yourself with missing pieces -- and how do you go back and get those?  Plus you're wondering "where's the time?"  I have a system for all of that, a way that will help you manage what you have, fill in the gaps and keep you heading in the right direction.
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Do you have one solution for everyone?

  • That's like saying everyone is the same. I'm not a 'Cookie Cutter' style coach.  I know there are several coaches out there that present a plan that will 'work for everyone' but the question is "Will it really?"  Do you have the time to set aside in your already busy schedule to do more work?  Isn't that why you're in this mess?  'Cookie Cutter' coaches give you more work to do -- I help YOU!  We decide where you need the help and I take that work off your hands so you can continue to do what you know how to do.  And together we 'get it done.'
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Do I need a Vision and Mission Statements?

  • I'm sure when you started your Business you had an idea in mind - Plus a Goal. What were they?  Let's say you wanted to build little fire trucks out of soap bars and give them to all the dirty little kids on the block.  That's a Goal & a Vision.  It wouldn't take much to create a Mission statement from that and go forward.  Don't over think it.  That's where a lot of folks go wrong -- making this whole process bigger than it really is. 
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Why do I need a coach?

  • I'm sure you have friends that are willing to provide you with a ton of advice.  Does that advice always make sense?  Let's say you have children...do you go to someone who is 'childless' for parenting advice?  If you just lost a lot of weight and need a new wardrobe of clothing, do you go to one of your 'plus' size friends to help you shop?  And if you want to pay off your debts, do you ask someone who had their car towed away because they couldn't pay their bill for financial advice?  Everyone has an opinion!  But that opinion has to make sense and it has to fit Your situation and be Right for you!!
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How long do I need a Coach?

  • This is up to you!! If you have a small, quick, fix-it situation then we are finished in no time at all.  But if you have several issues that need work or your time doesn't allow for a quick fix then we work based on your schedule and needs.  Like in one of the previous questions -- there are no 'Cookie Cutter' solutions.  Each Person and Each Business has different needs -- Dr. Wanda works with each Individual and/or Business to find the right solution(s) for their particular need(s).
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Business Strategy:

Working with an organization's mission, vision and objectives, developing policies and plans, often in terms of projects and programs.

Strategic Management

Setting goals and tactics that provides overall direction to the organization. This includes not only the management team but also board of directors and stakeholders of the organization.

Strategic Planning

An ongoing process that evaluates and controls businesses and industries that involve the company -- assesses its competitors, sets goals and strategies to meet all existing and potential competitors; then reassesses quarterly or annually.


Self analysis, self-evaluation and competitor analysis all create realistic assessments - allowing for the crafting of vision statements, mission statements, and overall company objectives.

Holistic Approach

A completely different spin on reviewing your Business! Like no other Business Coach to Businesses, Dr. Wanda is the 1st to Market the Holistic view point Businesses for improvement.

Start Today...

Like all plans for the future: resolutions, diets, changes in habits, self-improvements in our lives and in business -- we always want to start tomorrow. Start Today!

Dr. Wanda

Always striving for something bigger/better and more perfect? Meet someone who has traveled down the road before you and can lead the way.

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