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Organizing a Business, an office, a home. The act of organizing or state of being organized -- a order or system that makes sense of it all!!

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Organization is Key!!


To free oneself of the hassle of disarray! How many times did you hear "clean your room" while you were growing up?  And now we're in an office, our own homes, even owning our own business - the last thing we want is disorganization around us.

It is soooo easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of what we do, not everything becomes an important issue -- something is always left behind for another time.  Stacked to be sorted later.  Stuffed to be put away later.  Or worse yet...not knowing what to do with it or even how to handle it.

So, what do you do in these situations?  Go to the store, buy an unlimited amount of storage supplies only to discover nothing fits -- it's too much -- it's too little?  Some simple steps to keep your desk clean, your office manageable, or even a room at home -- think about:

Steps to Organize:

  1. Define your space.  It doesn't matter if it's your workspace, your office, your garage - define it.  Decide how you want to use it.  Then figure out what system will work best for you.
  2. Sort things out.  If your space has items in it -- clear them out, put them away or even give them away.
  3. Create storage areas.  Every office or room needs storage, organized storage areas.  Office desks should have drawer space for storage for easy access.  Make sure you give serious consideration to the type of storage you need before purchasing containers.
  4. Stay focused on what you're doing.  Don't start reading old letters or get distracted by something you picked up -- it will only delay you.  The faster you finish, the better you'll feel!!

Major Projects:

I consider Small Businesses, Non-Profits and Life-Style Changes Major Projects under Organization because so often it takes outside help to get the organization you're looking for whipped into shape -- especially if you want it to happen in a short time period.


Fees are based on individual projects.  I cannot project an estimated cost of a project over the phone.  To provide you with a true estimate, I will need to see the product, hear what you have in mind, your goals for organization to make a determination.  Payment for services are 1/2 up front and the remaining upon completion.




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Business Strategy:

Working with an organization's mission, vision and objectives, developing policies and plans, often in terms of projects and programs.

Strategic Management

Setting goals and tactics that provides overall direction to the organization. This includes not only the management team but also board of directors and stakeholders of the organization.

Strategic Planning

An ongoing process that evaluates and controls businesses and industries that involve the company -- assesses its competitors, sets goals and strategies to meet all existing and potential competitors; then reassesses quarterly or annually.


Self analysis, self-evaluation and competitor analysis all create realistic assessments - allowing for the crafting of vision statements, mission statements, and overall company objectives.

Holistic Approach

A completely different spin on reviewing your Business! Like no other Business Coach to Businesses, Dr. Wanda is the 1st to Market the Holistic view point Businesses for improvement.

Start Today...

Like all plans for the future: resolutions, diets, changes in habits, self-improvements in our lives and in business -- we always want to start tomorrow. Start Today!

Dr. Wanda

Always striving for something bigger/better and more perfect? Meet someone who has traveled down the road before you and can lead the way.

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