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Grant Services

Grant Writing:

I take Grant Writing very serious! Nothing weighs more on a piece of paper than the proper descriptor words to convey the ideas and concepts between the grant applicant and the grant provider. That's why when I'm hired to write a proposal, a grant or even conduct a review -- I ask as many questions as possible about your company/organization and program you wish to fund. It's so important that every avenue of opportunity is approached from all angles.

Did you know:

  1. Grants are provided 'normally' funded on an annual basis.  So if you missed out this year that means you have a great chance to apply for the grant next year.
  2. All your ideas, concepts and plans must be included within the grant -- nothing can be left out.  The grant provider does not know what you're thinking, so everything must be included.
  3. If you have questions concerning a grant, call the organization providing grant months in advance.  Please don't wait till the last minute.  The earlier you call, the more time they will have to answer your questions.
  4. Funding institutions will only consider your organization if you match up with their qualifications.  So, if they're only looking for non-profits in the Northwest area and you're located in the Southeast -- you will not even be considered.  Make sure you read the guidelines of every grant prior to making your submission.
  5. Have a plan on spending the money!  Provide measurable outcomes within your financial report.  Believe me, they will want to know how you're going to spend their money and will want a report to see if you keep your promise.  Note: You cannot request a grant to reimburse you for money you already spent!!
  6. Most grants are from private foundations and government agencies looking to assist non-profit organizations.
  7. Grants for businesses are usually when the business provides community type services, research and development, housing, workforce development, childcare, medical services or along the lines of agriculture.  All other Small Businesses should look for small business loans, not grants.

Proposal and/or Grant Reviews:

The worse feeling in the world is to discover your grant was denied!  You call to ask "why."  They simply tell you that something was missing that was clearly written in the directions or your program was unclear to them or some other small item that could have been avoided if someone else had just reviewed your hard work.  I know -- it takes time, creativity, projection and frustration to write a grant -- then when you believe it's complete, you feel proud!  The last thing you want to hear is -- denied!  Denied because of "What???"  Oh NO!!  So, please, make sure your proposal and grant has been reviewed prior to submission.

Project Research:

Many times it's important to conduct research in order to complete a grant.  Do not confuse this with Grant Research (searching for grants).  This area of research is to ensure all areas of a project have been reviewed to make sure nothing has been left out.

Grant Research:

I put Grant Research further down on the page simply because this is something most organizations want others to do for them -- but I believe they should do for themselves, let me tell you why.  Foundations and Grantors who hold the purse strings to funds dictate how the money will be spent -- it's that's simple.  If an organization is unwilling to spend the money the way it is intended to be spent or do the things requested by the organization holding the purse strings, then that grant should not be considered.  I cannot make that call -- only the organization looking for the money can decide if they are willing to do what it takes once the grant has been approved.


Fees are based on individual projects.  I cannot project an estimated cost of a project over the phone.  To provide you with a true estimate, I will need to see the grant, hear your proposal request, etc.  It's only fair to all parties involved.  Price is dependent on either the length of the document or the time for review.  Payment for services are 1/2 up front and the remaining upon completion.




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Business Strategy:

Working with an organization's mission, vision and objectives, developing policies and plans, often in terms of projects and programs.

Strategic Management

Setting goals and tactics that provides overall direction to the organization. This includes not only the management team but also board of directors and stakeholders of the organization.

Strategic Planning

An ongoing process that evaluates and controls businesses and industries that involve the company -- assesses its competitors, sets goals and strategies to meet all existing and potential competitors; then reassesses quarterly or annually.


Self analysis, self-evaluation and competitor analysis all create realistic assessments - allowing for the crafting of vision statements, mission statements, and overall company objectives.

Holistic Approach

A completely different spin on reviewing your Business! Like no other Business Coach to Businesses, Dr. Wanda is the 1st to Market the Holistic view point Businesses for improvement.

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